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Actress Nida Blanca was murdered: Nov. 7, 2001

On this day in 2001, Filipina actress Nida Blanca (Dorothy Guinto Jones in real life) was murdered inside her car at the parking lot of the condominium building in San Juan, Metro Manila where she lived.

At the time of her death, Blanca was a member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), the government agency responsible for the classification and review of television programs, movies and home videos.

Police filed murder charges against Blanca’s husband Rod Strunk following the admission of contract killer Philip Medel Jr. that Strunk hired him to kill Blanca. The Philippine government filed two extradition cases to secure custody of Strunk, who was in the US at the time of the murder, but failed.

According to the police investigation, Strunk allegedly hired Medel to kill Blanca after the latter planned to file an annulment of their marriage. The annulment would have meant that Strunk would not be entitled to a share in Blanca’s properties and other holdings, a portion of which he would have inherited if Blanca died before the annulment.

Strunk later died on July 14, 2007 after committing suicide by jumping off a hotel in Tracy, California. Medel died in 2010 due to complications from pneumonia.

The Nida Blanca murder case captured showbiz headlines at the time because of Blanca’s untimely and gruesome demise as well as the drama behind the alleged reason for her murder.

Born on Jan. 6, 1936, veteran actress Nida Blanca appeared in over 150 movies and TV shows during her 50-year acting career. She particularly known for her work in the TV sitcom John en Marsha where she played the wife of veteran comedian Dolphy. Prior to marrying Strunk, Blanca married Victorino Torres with whom she has a daughter, Kaye Torres.


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Trivia Question

Before charges were filed against Strunk and Medel, who was the personal aide initially suspected of murdering Blanca?

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