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The marker commemorates the Katipuneros' meeting at the house of Apolinio Samson
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Katipuneros agree to a revolution: August 21, 1896

On this day in 1896, Andres Bonifacio, supremo of the Katipunan, changed the alphabetical code of the Katipuneros to a numerical one following the Katipunan’s discovery and the deciphering of its code by the Spanish authorities on Aug. 19, 1896.

Later that day (other sources say Aug. 23), Bonifacio along with the members of the Katipunan Supreme Council, left their hideout in Montalban, Morong and sent word through his secretary Emilio Jacinto to gather all the Sangguniang Balangay leaders in Caloocan.

At Caloocan, Bonifacio and the Supreme Council rested at the house of Apolonio Samson in barrio Kangkong, Balintawak where they were given food and shelter. Samson was the president of Balangay Karitas, the local chapter of the Katipunan.

Around 500 Katipuneros had gathered at the house all armed with their trusty bolos, knives, spears, and a dozen rifles. They discussed plans for starting the armed revolution against Spain now that the secret society has been exposed. Majority of the Katipuneros agreed to push forward with the planned uprising.

Today, the site where Samson’s house once stood is now the barangay hall of what was formerly Barangay Kangkong, which was renamed Barangay Apolonio Samson in 1975 during the tenure of former Quezon City mayor Norberto Amoranto. Outside the hall is a marker, erected in 1917, commemorating the events at Apolonio Samson’s house.


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Trivia question:

As a precaution, the Katipuneros later moved to the house of which Katipunan supporter also in Balintawak?

Yesterday’s answer: Hadji Butu

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