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January 2, 1899: First Malolos Cabinet

On this day in 1899, Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo formed a new Cabinet in preparation for the proclamation of the First Philippine Republic, also known as the Malolos Republic. The appointed Secretaries were Apolinario Mabini (Foreign Affairs; also Cabinet President), Mariano Trias (Finance), Baldomero Aguinaldo (War), Teodoro Sandico (Interior) and Gracio Gonzaga (Welfare, Public Instruction, Public Works, Communications, Agriculture, Industry and Commerce). They would serve until the end of the term on May 7, 1899 when Aguinaldo replaced his entire Cabinet.

(Photo shows the Comite Central Filipino in Hong Kong in April 1899 and NOT the First Malolos Cabinet. Photo used for illustration purposes only. Photo from filipinoamericanwar.com)

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